Bonus: Leviticus and Numbers

Bonus: Leviticus and Numbers

Welcome to A Year in the Bible with Daily Grace bonus episode for Leviticus and Numbers! Throughout the year, we will provide bonus episodes to dig a little deeper into important theological concepts and themes. Today we're talking about the purpose of the law in the Bible. Why do some laws still apply but not others? Let's discuss this together in this bonus episode.

Scripture mentioned in this episode:

  • Psalm 119
  • Psalm 1
  • Romans 3:20
  • Romans 2:15
  • John 14:15
  • Matthew 28:20
  • Romans 8:2
  • Galatians 6:2
  • 1 Corinthians 9:21

Notes for Leviticus and Numbers Episodes:

  • Some translations of Leviticus 16:29 say, ‚ÄúYou are to practice self-denial‚Äù or ‚ÄúYou must deny yourselves‚Äù (Leviticus 16-18: 02:02)
  • ƒÉzƒÅ æzƒìl - ‚Äúscapegoat‚Äù (Leviticus 16-18: 03:27)
  • ‚ÄúEye for an eye‚Äù first originated in Exodus 21:24 and is repeated here in Leviticus 24:20. (Leviticus 22-24: 06:10)
  • Blood sacrifices refer to the guilt, sin, and fellowship offerings (Numbers 7-9: 01:08)
  • The story of the Passover is found in Exodus 12 (Numbers 7-9: 01:28)
  • Pharaoh wouldn't let the Israelites go in Exodus (Numbers 7-9: 01:48)
  • In the tenth plague, the firstborn male would die, not the firstborn child (Numbers 7-9: 02:06)
  • God provides manna for Israel in Exodus 16 (Numbers 10-12: 01:52)
  • The people tried to stone Caleb and Joshua, not Jacob (Numbers 13-15: 03:40)
  • In Numbers 16:6, some translations say censers or firepans (Numbers 16-18: 01:34).

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