Judges, Ruth, 1-2 Samuel Bonus Episode

Judges, Ruth, 1-2 Samuel Bonus Episode

Welcome to A Year in the Bible with Daily Grace bonus episode for Judges, Ruth, and 1-2 Samuel! Throughout the year, we will provide bonus episodes to dig a little deeper into important theological concepts and themes. Today, we're talking about principles for interpreting difficult passages of Scripture. Let's discuss this together in this bonus episode.

Scripture mentioned in this episode:

  • 1 Samuel 15:10-11
  • 1 Samuel 15:29
  • Judges 19

Corrections and notes for Judges, Ruth, 1-2 Samuel episodes:

  • Scholars hold different interpretations on Gideon's actions in Judges 8:1-32. Some believe Gideon was operating without the Lord's blessing, while others believe Gideon was doing what God had commanded. (Judges 7-9: 01:29)
  • Scholars also disagree if Gideon's words of denouncing kingship were humble or not. While Gideon's actions in these verses possibly demonstrate disobedience, the text does not specifically say that Gideon turned away from the Lord. (Judges 7-9: 01:43)
  • Though Amnon says he loved Tamar in verse 4, his behavior reveals that it was not love, but lust. This is why some translations render verse 1 to say ‚Äúinfatuated‚Äù rather than ‚Äúloved.‚Äù (2 Samuel 13-15: 01:40)
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