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Immanuel - God With Us From Eden To Eternity
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This year's study traces the theme of Immanuel through the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation. How does the fact that God is with us change the Christmas story...and our entire lives! The study traces the theme of God's nearness throughout all of Scripture, and shows how every part of Scripture points to the coming of Jesus who is our Immanuel. The study spends extended time understanding how the Christmas story impacts our personal lives as well as all of history, and then ends by helping us to understand how Jesus changes everything in our lives and our own seasons of waiting.

This is a 4 week study designed to be started on December 1, though it may be used any time.

Each week contains 5 study days, a memory verse and candle lighting day that includes a description of traditional advent candles, and a weekly reflection. The study also includes fun extras like sheet music to Christmas hymns, charts, and extra articles.

The study is designed to be used by individuals or groups.

The study book is 8x10

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews

I was so excited when this Bible Study/Devotional showed up on my door step. It is well made and all the pages within are so beautiful! After skimming through the content, I am looking forward to seeing how God uses it to prepare my heart for Him this Advent season! What a great reminder that Immanuel is with us!

Can’t wait to start!

I have done several Daily Grace Co studies and can’t wait for this one! I’m doing it with my sister and we are waiting for December 1st to do it!

Love these studies!

I have been loving the studies and can not wait to dive deeper into this one. Bonus - the cover is gorgeous!

Love Daily Grace studies

This is my third year to get the advent study, it’s a favorite!