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Delight - Study on Psalms
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Delight is a 6 week study of the first 30 Psalms. It takes an in depth look at the character of God and His faithfulness and goodness to His people through every circumstance of life. It reminds us that no matter what we face, we can trust Him.

The study is 6 weeks long. Each week contains 5 days of study including study questions. Each week also has a memory verse and a weekly reflection to help dig deeper into Scripture.

The study book is 8x10

This updated version of our Delight study features daily questions and weekly reflection questions not originally included in the first edition.


Customer Reviews

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Delight - Study on Psalms

Such a great devotional!!!!

I have been looking for a devotional for quite some time and was so glad to finally get a few of the Daily Grace Co. ones including a Study on Psalms. It breaks down the Psalms and explains it in such a deep and meaningful way. The study questions are the best as they make you truly reflect on what you've just read. I would highly recommend!

Delightful Study

I really benefit from the study suggestions at the beginning of the book. I also really enjoy the commentary on each Psalm. I am still in the first week, but I have already learned so much that I have never before noticed in the Scriptures. The study questions are really helping me to meditate on the Scripture. It is just enough to help me go deeper without overwhelming me. Not to mention, the book is absolutely beautiful!

Delightful Read

This is a great study to really go in depth with the psalms and understand it on a deeper level. I highly recommend this study.

Best Bible study!!!

I just recently started studying the word, and this book has helped me so much! I got this because psalm 27 is my favorite! I love the reflection questions, they really help me to dig deeper!