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The Fruit of the Spirit Study
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The Fruit of The Spirit - Walk In The Spirit. Bear His Fruit.

The Fruit of the Spirit study is a three week study that walks slowly through Galatians 5:16-26. It looks at each aspect of the fruit of the spirit listed in the passage with special attention to how this fruit points us to Jesus as our example, the richness of the Greek words used in the passage, and practical application for our everyday lives.

The study book is beautiful and filled with fun extras to help you understand the passage more!

Perfect for individuals or groups.



Customer Reviews

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Great study and TAG Time Alone with God

This study has helped me focus and actually study. Its a very colorful and engaging study. I am learning the original words used in this study and have created a easy and simplistic study routine that I so enjoy. I get up early in the morning with my coffee and just spend time with Him and I feel better and more focused. If I don't do this in the morning I do a evening or later night study with my coffee. This study has truly been a blessing. At first I thought it would be hard and too in-depth but its very engaging and thought-provoking. I can meditate on the verses, the actual words in the original language, the meanings and I even use index cards or colored ones with my highlighters and my colored pens to keep me focused and it makes my study very creative and bright. The photos in the study are very pretty and keep you focused on the fruits of the spirit. Once I got into it, I felt more comfortable and not intimidated which is normally a problem for me, I guess I make it harder than it should be. The study is also a relaxed setting study and I work at my own pace in my own way. This is a great study on the Fruits of the Spirits. I have really enjoyed this one and cannot wait to order more and invest more time in those as well. Thank You Daily Grace for these studies and supplies. They are truly a blessing.

The fruit of the spirit

Loved this bible study so far still haven’t finished I want to really savior it thank you daily grace for making this study available for us

I wanted something different...

I was definitely lured in by the pretty cover and pictures. The study itself is a little dry to me. I wish there were more real life stories/ applications so I felt like I got to know the author. I had Trouble answering some of the questions because I didn’t really understand them.


Awesome study.

Fruit of the Spirit Study

Received the study and am looking forward to a deeper dive into the Fruits of the Spirit.