How To Study The Bible
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This booklet contains several chapters dealing with how to study Scripture. In it I discuss my story, how I study, principles for study including: context, interpretation, and the objective of studying Scripture. Many other topics are addressed such as how to make time to spend in Scripture and how to get through dry seasons. 

This is meant to be a quick read full of practical tips and principles that you can keep going back to as you continue to study Scripture. 

The book is 8.5"x5.5"
The book is full color and perfect bound. 

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This is a great book for those that have studied Scripture all their life, or for those that are brand new to the Bible. It is a great book to use at the start of a group Bible study to equip participants with a easy to understand way of studying Scripture.

This book is an update of our original How To Study the Bible. The book contains the same chapters but has been updated with full color passages of Scripture and a new cover. 

Customer Reviews

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Beautifully illustrated

I love this book it is so motivating to study the Bible.

Amazing study guides

I really like the study guides I've purchased. It's very easy to understand and it always takes you back to scripture. I found your company on social media and ordered twice and preparing to order a 3rd time soon. Great work and God bless!

Looking forward to using!

I’m really looking forward to using this guide on how to study the Bible! Everything I received is beautiful and of amazing quality! I took advantage of the $5 sale and wish I’d gotten more items!

Review on book, How to Study the Bible

This is a wonderful resource on how to begin to study the Bible. As a fairly new Christian I wasn’t sure how to study the Bible, I bought this and it has helped tremendously, it’s easy to read, understand and apply to my studies. It would be great for all levels of Christians.

Love this intro to studying the Bible!

I really loved this book, "How to Study the Bible"! For so many years, I've read the Bible, but haven't really understood how to go about it until this book! The book is thorough on how you should approach the Bible, why you should turn the the Bible daily in your life, and things to do before starting a book in the Bible. There were a lot of great pointers that I have not thought of when reading the Bible. For me, I feel like it's a great study and reminder for those who are new to Bible reading, new to their faith, for audience of youth and adults, and for whoever have had years of Bible reading. I loved the pointers and thoughts in this book so much that I want to teach my youth/young adults some day SOON (I am a Youth Director), knowing that it will greatly help them and their way of thinking when approaching the Bible. Other than the content, the format and design of the book is beautifully designed. Perfect for me. :)