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Grace in the Wilderness | 1 Peter Study

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Grace in the Wilderness | 1 Peter Study

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Grace in the Wilderness | A Study on the Book of 1 Peter
Words of hope and encouragement are a balm to the weary soul. 1 Peter was written to persecuted Christians that desperately needed to be encouraged with the hope of the gospel. In this life, we must keep eternity in view and be reminded that God’s grace is sufficient for us even in times of great suffering.
Grace in the Wilderness | A Study on the Book of 1 Peter is a 5-week study that equips believers to:
• Gain a deeper understanding of the historical context of 1 Peter
• Live the Christian life with purpose and conviction
• Cultivate an eternal perspective when it comes to suffering and difficulty
Special resources within study:
  • Timeline of Events
  • The Exiles’ Dispersion Map
  • Exiles in Scripture
  • Old Testament Cross References
  • Key Passages With Peter
Key themes: Holiness, Exiles, God’s Grace, Eternity, Suffering, Hope
  • This study is perfect for individuals or groups.
  • Each week contains five days of study material, including daily study questions, a weekly memory verse, and weekly reflection questions.
  • Measures 8x10
  • Includes 136 pages
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Customer Reviews

Based on 679 reviews
Thought Provoking Study

I loved this study! The sections were broken down really well and was slow paced so you could go deeper into the verses. I loved the summaries each day and how they expanded on the verses and made connections to other books of the Bible. The questions each day were easy to understand, yet very thought provoking and encouraged deeper understanding of what was read.

Kami G.
Amazing Study

Great study through the book. I greatly appreciate the slow pace and memory verses. And it's a gorgeous design.

K. D.
Digital Bonus

I love how each study that I purchase comes with a free digital bonus. This is so convenient when I am traveling or do not have the physical copy with me, but I want to look something up or continue with my study from the DG app. I would highly recommend all DG products.

Beautiful Study

This is my first book-based Bible study from Daily Grace, and I am super impressed! It’s a perfect balance of depth without being either overwhelming or too easy. 1 Peter is quickly becoming a favorite book of mine because of this study. Looking forward to trying other studies after I finish this one!

Ashley W.
Hope for believers

I find NT books easy to study, but hard to comprehend. This DGC study helped me walk away from studying 1 Peter with better knowledge and understanding of this book! So much encouragement for the modern believer too!