He Leads Me - A Study of Psalm 23
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He Leads Me is a two-week  in depth study of Psalm 23. It goes through this iconic Psalm phrase by phrase and digs into the beautiful meaning and comfort found in these timeless words. This study is for every person who needs to be reminded of God's presence in their lives. For every person that needs to be reminded of His gentle care. For every person craving the rest that only He can give. For every person longing to be refreshed by God's Word. For every person that needs to know that He is with them in the waiting. For every person that needs to be reminded that He is good and His plans are best. 

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Beautiful Gift

Purchased this and a few others for my Sister. We are going to start a Bible study group and this looked like the perfect one to add to our collection! We can’t wait to dig deeper into study. All the Bible studies are so beautiful with the pictures. you will not be disappointed with this purchase! Also love how you get a digital code to put on your phone or tablet. That way you can always pick up where you left off even if you don’t want to carry the physical book! Highly recommend!

He leads me

Amazing amazing amazing study! I could read they this over and over and it would apply to anything I’m going thru. Doesn’t take long to get thru the questions and reading but the impact is as much as a longer study. This was just what I needed in my life situation right now.

Just in aw

Can’t wait to buy more to share with friends

He Leads Me

A friend and I are going through the study in a few weeks. Looking forward to insight from it. My sister also purchased and completed this particular study and she shared with me several takeaways from it. Thank you for your time and using your gifts to prepare these studies!

Leading me !!!

Totally felt
The calling !!!!