Preaching The Gospel To Yourself
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The gospel changes everything. That is what this study is all about. What is the gospel? Why do we need it even if we are already believers? How does the gospel impact things life social media, goals and decisions, anxiety, waiting, community, friendship, and more. In this study we will look to God's Word and through the lens of the gospel at every area of life in this study!

This 4 week study will show how the gospel impacts every aspect of our lives.

Each week contains 5 days of study including study questions. Each week also has a memory verse and a weekly reflection to help dig deeper into Scripture.

The study book is 8x10

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Super nice

This digital bonus was so helpful!

Such a timely message...

We all need to preach truth to ourselves but sometimes we need a little help doing so. Between the Scripture that is provided for reflection and meditation, as well as the encouragement in this study, it has been such a timely message for me personally. I highly recommend grabbing it!

Obsessed with Daily Grace!

I have purchased several studies from the Daily Grace Co. and I love how easy they are to follow. Each study draws me closer to God and challenges me to dive deep into scripture. I have been challenged in my faith by each study I have completed. I LOVE the DGC app and the community aspect of the app as well. Each study challenges me to pull out the key lessons that I can apply to my life in that moment. Overall, I LOVE these studies.


Excited to dive into this one!


I was surprised with this on Christmas morning from my mom because she heard me talking about it back when it was released. Preaching the Gospel to yourself is so, so important and I need the Lord’s help guiding me to focus my heart and mind on Him. This study is so beautiful and I’m so excited to dive in!