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Even If Collection

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Even If Collection

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Even If Collection

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This collection includes:

Even If | A Study of Habakkuk:

Even If | A Study of Habakkuk is an in-depth, 3-week study that goes verse by verse through the book of Habakkuk. How do we praise the Lord and trust Him, even when life is hard? What does it mean to trust God when life doesn't go as planned? This study on the book of Habakkuk seeks to answer these questions. We will learn how to pray when we don't know what to pray and how to trust when things just don't make sense. We will learn how to rest in God when the anxieties of life threaten to steal our joy. We will learn that God is good and faithful, even if.

Daily Truth - Scripture to Meditate on in Every Circumstance:

This book is designed to be a reference for every circumstance of life. It lists out 24 various topics like worry, waiting, loneliness, and anger. Additionally, it lists Scripture passages and encouragement to reference during different seasons of life. It is the perfect companion to have as a reference to encourage your own heart or find Scripture to encourage a friend.

All Things New - Praying Scripture Journal:

This journal helps readers pray through passages of Scripture and be equipped with tools to pray the Word of God. The journal features passages to pray printed directly in the journal, guided instructions on praying the Bible, commentary on the passage, guided prayers, and questions to prompt prayer. The journal also includes guided pages at the end that can be used to pray any passage in the Bible. The Word of God is a gift to the people of God, and praying Scripture is one of the most precious things that a believer can do. This journal features a leatherette cover in blush vegan leather with gold foil accents. The inside pages are 100gsm (68lb) wood-free paper. 

Truth for Lies Card Set:

These verse cards point us to the Word when we are faced with the lies of this world. It is a set of 11 cards measuring 4”x4” and includes 10 double-sided cards with a cover card.

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Customer Reviews

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Tiffany L.
Love it!

I am so excited to start using the studies and materials in my bundle. I was looking at purchasing a couple items in the bundle. So why not just purchase it. They are beautiful.

Susan C.
Even If...a study for today

While I've read through Habakkuk many times, I had never done an in depth study. Wow! What a gem. There is truly nothing new under the sun. Written to a people who were drifting away from the One True God (around 2,800 years ago) and yet longing for Messiah, it offers much wisdom and instruction as we watch the Church today drifting away from "The Way, The Truth, and The Life: while longing for Christ's return. Repent.
I love the exegetical style and biblical insights. One thing I really enjoy in each The Daily Grace Co. study are the key resources: How to Study the Bible, Attributes of God, Timeline, of Scripture, and What is the Gospel.
In addition to those, the Habukkuk study offers some very helpful study guides in a very clear, concise format: a Hebrew word study, Habukkuk and the Psalms, Imagery of God's Power, and Flow of Content. My favorite of these is, The 5 Woes - Reasons for Discipline, was both convicting, pointed to repentance, encouraging, and liberating.
I highly recommend this study and hope to have our Bible study do Even if (3 week study)...between sessions.
Thank you for providing doctrinally sound Bible studies for women in the spirit of Titus 2!

Sacha C.
Even if

These are products that belong in every home, because they are more than products they are truly tools for encouraging & navigating life thru the " ifs"

Even If Collection

The Even If Collection is beautifully curated to focus on the Truth of His Words during seasons of doubts, unanswered prayers or when God is seemingly silent! The book of Habakkuk teaches how we can we can place our fullest and deepest trust in God who is our absolute Cornerstone and Strength during difficult times!

Jaime-Lynne F.
Excellent Resource!

Absolutely love these studies. I actually ordered this study by mistake but realized that I was meant to have it. It's helped me see the depth of the meaning of the book of Habakkuk and has stayed on my mind all day!