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The Story of the Bible from A to Z - Kids & Family Devotional

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The Story of the Bible from A to Z - Kids & Family Devotional

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This devotional traces the story of the Bible for kids and families. It shows how every part of the Bible's story points to Jesus! Using vivid and colorful illustrations and letters of the alphabet, the devotional teaches children the story of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Written in a relatable and story-like fashion, this devotional is designed to be flexible to be used with families and children of a variety of ages. The book includes prayers and discussion questions. Older kids can write down answers and younger kids can discuss the answers.

The book is 8x10.

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Customer Reviews

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Ann E.
Highlight of our Evening

My children (4 & 6) have been enjoying this devotional. Some of it is a little difficult of them to understand but I love seeing their openness to receive God’s word. It is the highlight of our evening as a family!

Bethani M.
The Story of the Bible from A to Z - Kids & Family Devotional

Great gift for a family with kiddos being raised up with knowledge of Jesus!

Christina E.
Love it!

I bought this for a friend and love it so much that I got a second copy for my daughter who works at a children's home to use with the children.

Love this study!

It's so hard to find a good Bible study to do with children... it's a fine line of finding one that doesn't just scratch the surface or one that goes in far to great of detail for little minds to comprehend. If you've had that same trouble, this is the Bible study for you! This has been such a great resource to use with new littles that have no Bible knowledge. It keeps their attention the whole time and engages their minds leaving them wanting to ask questions to know more.

Denisha H.
Great customer service

Great book. My daughter enjoys it a lot..