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The God That Comes Near is a study of the tiny book of Haggai that is tucked in the often forgotten minor prophets. Several months ago we asked which section of the Bible that you wish you knew more about, and so many of you said the Minor Prophets! We are so thrilled to spend some time in the book of Haggai and uncover the rich truth in this small book.

In just 38 verses of this short book, we are reminded of truth that is timeless. We are urged to fix our gaze on the Lord, to find our hope in His Word, and to find hope in His name. The book of Haggai is a call to worship, and a reminder of the faithfulness of our God.

This is a three-week study. The study book is 8x10.

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We believe that the Bible is true, trustworthy, and timeless. We desire to know and love God, and to live out the truth of God's Word in our everyday lives.


My entire faith has been shifted and advanced by The Daily Grace Co. I wake up each morning with a newfound excitement and hope to get into God's Word and have my affection more deeply stirred for Him. My eyes have been opened anew to the truth and remarkable grace which exists in the Bible. I am so grateful that these products exist.

Maeve M.

The Daily Grace Co. has equipped me to be a better has made me a strong believer in the importance of women knowing good theology! The Daily Grace Co. has transformed my life and walk with Christ.

Kara A.

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Customer Reviews

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Mind blown!

This study on the book of Haggai is so extensive, detailed, and created to tug at your heart in your today! I loved it!!!! Took the liberty of journaling in it 🥰 Hopefully I can come back in and edit my review to upload a picture of this beauty.

Tiffany B.
The God who comes near

I loved this study... There was so much insight and it is so applicable today amidst all that is going on in our world today.

Renee D.

My order is incredible as always so thankful for this company.

Clara B.
Great study!

I really enjoyed taking a closer look at a book of the Bible I legitimately could not remember ever having read before (though I'm sure I have!). I liked the way it started and ended with reading the entire book, and then going through a couple verses at a time to glean wisdom. This was my first smaller focused book study from Daily Grace and it was a very good one! Appreciated how it made the truths in Haggai relevant to today; my biggest takeaway was the observation that delayed obedience (something we can often be guilty of!) is disobedience.

Hope H.
Love 💕

Love it all. I purchased a sampling of items and love them all. The studies, memory verse cards, prints, etc.