Preaching The Gospel To Yourself
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The gospel changes everything. That is what this study is all about. What is the gospel? Why do we need it even if we are already believers? How does the gospel impact things life social media, goals and decisions, anxiety, waiting, community, friendship, and more. In this study we will look to God's Word and through the lens of the gospel at every area of life in this study!

This 4 week study will show how the gospel impacts every aspect of our lives.

Each week contains 5 days of study including study questions. Each week also has a memory verse and a weekly reflection to help dig deeper into Scripture.

The study book is 8x10

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Preaching The Gospel to Yourself

I'm so excited to start this study. I think it's going to be so informative and help with my growth. Thanks for creating this resource!


Very pleased. I look forward to read my study at night. So far its very simple,but will make you look at things in different perspective. Well written.

Daily Reminder

As someone who is a new Christian, I really appreciate this book. It connects the gospel to parts of our life that we deal with everyday. It is an easy, fast read but also allows you to dig deeper. It is an interactive read because it gives the reader a chance to answer questions, and write a reflection.

Love it

Absolutely love this study. I’m a mom of 2 toddlers and it’s so easy for me to get my bible study time in with this study


This was my first ever Bible study and I am so glad I did it! The scripture choices and topics pertain to every day life and helps you really reflect on God's word. I've been telling everyone about it!