Bible Highlighter Set
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$ 15.00

This is a set of six gel highlighters. The set also includes a card with tips for highlighting and space to create your own color coding system.

These gel highlighters will not bleed through even thin Bible pages.

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Best gel highlighters!

I absolutely love these highlighters! They are the best gel ones available. Highly recommend!

Highly recommend!

When I got a new Bible with thinner pages I was so afraid of highlighting in it! These gel highlighters were perfect! I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but I practiced using them on another page so I could see how they worked. They are so smooth and work great! No bleed through, which was my goal!

Not quite what I expected...

So, first of, I wasn’t expecting them to be wax. Like a crayon. BUT... even with that being an anitial let down, I actually really like it. They write smoothly once you’ve used them a couple times. As far as the colors, I wouldn’t buy the entire pack again. The blue and purple were real let downs. I feel like I’d get the same pay off from the box of Crayolas I have. The other colors though are AWESOME!!! I’ll totally buy the other colors on their own once I start to run out of them. Overall I love these highlighters and will definitely be purchasing the individuals later on.

The Best Highlighters

I love my highlighter set! They are the best. They don't bleed through on the pages of my Bible which is hard to find. I will get another set in the future.

Best highlighters ever!

Way better than the gel highlighters you can buy at the store. These glide smoother than freshly shaved legs and don't leave chunks of gel or crayon on the page. They're bright and vivid and don't leave any residue