Scripture Memory Journal - For the Anxious Heart
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The Scripture Memory Journal for the Anxious Heart is a journal that is specifically designed to contain verses that are great for combating anxiety and worry. The journal is perfect for memorizing or for meditating on when you need to be reminded of who God is and how He goes with you. The journal also has space to record your own verses.

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Scripture memory journal-anxious heart

God's work is our bedrock and these verses are encouraging for those worry filled moments. Great reminders during our low points. Thank you for putting this together!

Scripture Memory Journal - For the Anxious Heart from

I gave these as gifts and they were loved and so appreciated them and I think they will be helpful.

Scripture Memory Journal (Anxious Heart)

I absolutely love my new Scripture Memory Journal! It's the perfect size for on the go or to have it on my desk while working each day. I find myself always looking at it and it is a helpful tool to memorize scripture. There is also a few blank cards for you can also write your own verses. Highly recommend!

Fantastic resource

I absolutely love this scripture memory journal. It sits on my desk at work, right under my computer. It’s contents provides me with gentle, peace-filled reminders that our God is in control. I take time throughout my day to read and memorize the verses. My work place can be filled with uncertainty and chaos, and I have noticed a difference in my response to this environment with His words close at hand. I highly recommend this little journal for anyone and everyone. We all need to lean on His word, and this tool has helped me do that throughout my day.

Loved It

I've already looked through it, and I'm excited to start memorizing the verses in it. Each verse is good for various moments and I'm excited to have them in memory to recall whenever I need it.