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The Study The Word Journal is a guided journal for intentional Bible study. This journal can be used on its own or with any Bible Study, devotional, or reading plan. The journal includes a section on how to use the journal, as well as sample pages.

The journal guides users through any passage of Scripture with guided questions and instructions to help the reader study any passage of Scripture. The method inside is: Be Still. Abide. Adore. Apply. This method of inductive Bible study helps anyone study the Bible and meet the Lord on the pages of His Word.

This journal features 200 pages and a ribbon bookmark. The journal layout is the same as our Be Still Journals.

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Amazing gift!

My husband had been saying how he felt like note taking during Bible study was something he wanted to start. He's a list maker and has so many random unfinished notebooks laying around so when I saw this, made specifically for bible study it seemed perfect. It's been a great birthday gift, and so easy for him to keep track of!

Helpful for Bible Meditation

I love this journal and I can't wait to use it. I ordered the guys' version because I liked the green and simple cover. But the inside is basically the same as the other one. I prefer the hardback and that it looks like a small book because it looks better than some spiral thing - gives it an awesome factor. I haven't used it yet, but by the sections they have, it kind of reminds me of when I was a missionary we would do these things called, "Bible Meditations" and they were my favorite because we stopped to really focus on a section of Scripture. And I think this journal will help me get back into that now that I've returned home.

I didn't know this, but the first couple pages offer insight into the use of the journal. So first, there is a, How to Use This Journal, section where it tells what each section is for. The next page asks you questions to think about in each of the categories (be still, abide, adore, apply) so that it helps you formulate what to write and think about. Next, they have a list of the attributes of God with a definition and a few reference verses. Lastly, they show a sample entry from Psalm 42 to also help for reference how to use the journal. Obviously, you don't have to follow these suggestions, but I appreciate that they take the time to add it.

Also like how it includes a ribbon to bookmark my place. Would recommend this to any female or male Christian seeking to dig deeper in their time with God.


Perfect gift for my husband!

Great gift!

Purchased this as a gift for my brother in law, such a wonderful gift that will prayerfully be a blessing to his time with the Lord!

Men’s Journal

I can’t wait to give this to my dad and brother-in-law.