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Highlighter Bundle
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This highlighter bundle includes our set of 6 gel no-bleed Bible highlighters and our Vibrant Truth Highlighting Guide.

Vibrant Truth - Using Bible Highlighting to Make Your Bible Study Come to Life

Vibrant Truth is a guide to using Bible highlighters to intentionally dig deeper into Scripture. The small book gives lots of tips on different ways you can highlight your Bible to help you create a system that works for you.

This book is designed to help you inductively study Scripture and make the most of your Bible study time while learning to use several different highlighting methods.

This 8.5x5.5 saddle stitch booklet is 24 pages long.

Customer Reviews

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Thank you. Pleased with the products!

Love these highlighters!

I am so impressed with these highlighters! They truly don't bleed through the pages.

Transformed how I read the bible!!!

I was torn about where or not to get this set or just the highlighters alone. I am really glad I splurged on the set. It is helping me to understand the words SO much better. I am a teacher and LOVE to be super organized. So why not bring that structure into my prayer life? duh. I love how to laid it out for me, but it also gave me options. Highly recommend.

Soo sweet

These are so nice. I ended up ordering another set for my sister's birthday to go with her bible. It makes all the difference when u dont need to worry about them bleeding through the pages. They are fun and such a cute set to go with your bible. ♡

Best Bible Highlighters!

These highlighters are the best Bible highlighters I’ve ever used! There is absolutely no bleed through and it glides smoothly across the page. The highlighting guide was very helpful and helped me to understand what to highlight and why. Definitely a good purchase!