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In the Word - Linen | A Journal for Deeper Bible Study

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In the Word - Linen | A Journal for Deeper Bible Study

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In the Word is a Biblical exposition journal for in-depth Bible study.

The journal guides you through a verse by verse study of a book of the 
Bible with daily workbook pages. The journal provides prompts to help you understand, interpret, and apply the text; as well as see the connections to Jesus and the gospel.
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Customer Reviews

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In the Word


I purchased this book from a local bookstore after paging it through; the eye-catching study tools in the front and back were the #1 reason I bought it on the spot. I told myself, "I'm not walking out of this store without this book." It's a resource I want to gift to everyone I know; every Christian who loves God and wants to grow into Christ's likeness should have tools like this to help study the Scriptures.

The linen cover is utterly beautiful; the cleanly designed interior is easily readable, and perfect for note-taking. I think it's just classy enough to be perfect for guys and gals; not girly, and not bleh, but just right! It's also a good bookshelf size, and is just begging to be used.

Gabby L.
Love This Journal!

I have always struggled with where to start with going deeper into scripture. This journal gives a really straightforward, easy to go through way of doing that. I love that it is also always prompting me to look to Christ, no matter what passage I’m in, and center me on the Gospel.

In the Word - Linen | A Journal for Deeper Bible Study

Wonderful. I love it!!

Angel P.

I have always loved having prompts to write to and to help me dig deeper into understanding the word. This journal has done just that. I am truly studying the word now and it’s really helped me gain more understanding!! I love it!

Allison T.
Amazing resource

Beautiful, easy to read layout!