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Be Thou My Vision Travel Mug
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This is a 16 oz travel mug with black lettering

The mug features a double wall and is made of plastic. 

Mug is microwave and dishwasher safe. Due to the delicate nature of the imprint we recommend either washing in the dishwasher on the top rack with a gentle cleanser. Or handwashing gently clean without abrasive soaps or sponges.


Customer Reviews

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I love having to-go mugs on hand, and this is one of my very favorite hymns! However, I am a bit disappointed that the lettering is starting to chip off despite handwashing.

Be Thou My Vision Mug

I love this travel mug!!! I take it with me daily as I wonderful reminder throughout my day!!

Almost perfect

This is a great mug for when I'm getting the kids ready for school in the morning. I can get my tea ready to go when I get up and then it's cool enough to drink by the time we're heading to the car. If I could make some changes it would be to give the lid a flip close option instead of just having a hole for drinking out of that's open all the time. And I would make it dishwasher safe- but it's double walled so that's not really doable.

Oh, and the lid doesn't come off no matter how much you pull on it. Very sturdy construction. It screws on. As my husband was kind enough to show me after I'd nearly pulled off several nails. Once again- a VERY sturdy lid!

Be thou my vision

This is one of my sister’s favorite songs so I got this for her for her birthday. It’s just like the picture and good quality.


I love this mug, but it says in the description it’s dishwasher safe. When I received the mug the slip with cafe instructions inside the mug says it’s NOT dishwasher safe. This is disappointing as it’s the reason I bought this mug. It’s still pretty and feels like good quality. But overall disappointed about the dishwasher claim.