Scented Bible Highlighter Set
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$ 15.00

This is a set of six scented gel highlighters. The set also includes a card with tips for highlighting and space to create your own color coding system.

These gel highlighters will not bleed through even thin Bible pages.

This scented set is slightly different than our Bible highlighter set. Several colors are slightly different and the formula is a dry gel formula. Be sure to keep the caps on so that they do not dry out.

Customer Reviews

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Scented Bible highlighters

The colours are bright and scents are strong! They go on so smooth on the page and they come with a cute highlighter colour coding page so you can customize it!

Cute Set for Serious Study

I've created a little highlighting system and love using these pens. Their sweet smell is a bonus. I recommend them to others often.


I ordered the scented highlighters to use with Bible study books and the Bible. I like how they work. I think they are great quality highlighters. However depending on how thin your Bible pages are, you may see shadowing on the pages.


I love my new bible highlighters. They are a perfect bible study tool and helps me really focus more on what the passages are saying.

Great if not Sensitive to Scents

These highlighters are amazing as long as smells don't bother you. I ordered them since other reviews mention that the scent is not overpowering, and it really isn't, but it still triggers migraines for me. But, the highlighters really are fantastic! They go on so smoothly and evenly and the coloring is perfect. It's dark enough that it stands out but it's also light enough that you can still easily read the words, even with the darker colors. They don't smear and you can't see them from the back of the page. The scents are pleasant and fun and I highly recommend if you aren't sensitive to smells!