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Scripture Memory Cards - Pastel Floral

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Scripture Memory Cards - Pastel Floral

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These Pastel Floral Scripture Memory Cards were designed to be a helpful tool for memorizing Scripture.

This set of 4” x 4” Scripture memory cards includes 14 cards. One side provides space to write a Scripture memory verse, and the other side gives space to write the reference and a topic. 

Enjoy the flexibility these memory cards offer! Grab a set for yourself, or give one to a friend!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kayla C.
LOVE these

I got these to help keep track of the Bible verses my daughter is learning. She loves being able to hold them and choose which verse we’ll do next even though she can’t read 😂 (she’s four years old) The cards themselves are beautiful and very high quality!

Rene S.
Beautiful Way to Keep a Record of Verses Hidden in My Heart

I love the scripture memory cards and the different colors in the pastel floral packet. I will use these to record Scriptures related to cross references for word studies I'm doing. Thank you for creating beautiful tools for us to use!

Fernanda G.
The cards are beautiful 💕

They are beautiful to capture what God has been speaking to our heart.

Jane N.
Memory Cards

These are perfect for encouraging scripture memory - just the right size to carry wherever you go.

Renee S.
Perfect for Spring or Anytime!

I love variety. So the pastel floral scripture memory cards are a welcome addition to my collection. The soft rich tone makes them so lovely, and they are beautifully crafted. THANK YOU, Daily Grace for keeping your product line so fresh and appealing!