Bonus: Genesis, Exodus, and Explaining Polygamy in the Bible

Bonus: Genesis, Exodus, and Explaining Polygamy in the Bible

Welcome to A Year in the Bible with Daily Grace bonus episode for Genesis and Exodus! Throughout the year, we will provide bonus episodes to dig a little deeper into important theological concepts and themes. Today we're talking about polygamy in the Bible. Polygamy was mentioned in many places in Genesis and Exodus. Does that mean God supports polygamy? Let's discuss this together in this bonus episode.

Scripture mentioned in this episode:

Genesis 2:18, 20-25

Mark 10:2-9

Matthew 5:27-29

Ephesians 5:22-33

Notes for Genesis and Exodus episodes:

  • Lot is accidentally mentioned to be Abram's brother instead of his nephew. (Genesis 13-15: 00:46)
  • Joseph's brothers thought that he did not understand them due to the presence of the interpreter, but Joseph understood because he spoke the same language. (Genesis 40-42: 04:38)
  • Judah promises to take responsibility for bringing Benjamin back, not Simeon. (Genesis 43-46: 00:51)
  • Joseph doesn't explain how the money ended up in the brothers' sacks, but his steward does. (Genesis 43-46: 01:32)
  • God gave Moses three miraculous signs. The third sign, turning water into blood, had not been performed yet but is mentioned if they refuse to listen to Moses. (Exodus 4-6: 01:07)
  • God would lead them out of Egypt, not Israel. (Exodus 4-6: 03:49)
  • God displays His wrath against anything that keeps us from a relationship with Him. (Exodus 7-9: 04:12)
  • We see God finalize the plagues in Egypt, preserve His people, and usher them safely out of slavery. (Exodus 10-12: 00:36)
  • God was with His people, guiding them by a pillar of cloud in the daytime rather than smoke. (Exodus 13-15: 01:12, 04:13)
  • Pharaoh chased after the Israelites, not the Egyptians. (Exodus 13-15: 01:26)
  • The lampstand had six branches, not seven. (Exodus 25-27: 02:31)
  • The veil of the temple, not the tabernacle, was torn when Jesus died on the cross. (Exodus 25-27: 03:52)
  • Only Bezalel received the Holy Spirit, but both Bezalel and Oholiab were given the ability to teach and skillfully create. (Exodus 34-36: 02:40)

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