Resources for Lent

The Heart of Christ


The Heart of Christ is a 40-day collection of devotionals, poems, and prayers to walk the believer into deeply knowing the person of Jesus Christ.

This book was designed with the season of Lent in mind. It can serve well as a companion guide to a study, or it can stand alone to enrich quiet time with the Lord.

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40 Days with Jesus


40 Days with Jesus is a seven-week study that walks through the life of Jesus. From his birth and his childhood, to his ministry and teachings, each day walks through a passage in the gospels to grow our understanding of who Jesus is and what He has done.

This study can be used as Lenten companion or it can stand alone. As you dive into this study, our hope is that you would learn more about the life and ministry of Jesus, growing in greater knowledge and understanding, and walking with Him for a lifetime.

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Blog posts for Lent

What Is Lent?

By Alexa Hess

What is Lent? That is exactly the question we ask in this blog by Alexa Hess. If you are new to Lent or just want to strengthen your understanding of Lent, we encourage you to read this blog!

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What is Lent and Why Does it Matter?

In today’s video we will help answer the question "what is Lent" along with the questions, should all Christians observe Lent? And, what is the purpose of it? Let's explore each of these questions together!

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