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Colorful Planner Tabs Pack

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Colorful Planner Tabs Pack

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Find what you’re looking for and personalize your planner or notebook with this Colorful Planner Tabs Pack!

This pack includes everything you need to keep what matters at your fingertips:

  • Tabs for each month
  • Tabs for the different parts of the PowerSheets® goal-setting process (like your Quarterly Refreshes, vision board, and Tending Lists)
  • Tabs for each Cultivated Life Evaluation category
  • Tabs for staying organized and on track, including Cleaning, To Do, Inbox, Meals, Family, and Schedule

Whether you use your Colorful Planner Tabs Pack in your PowerSheets®, Season by Season Daily Planner, Fresh Start Planner, or another Cultivate favorite, you’ll love their sturdy construction, colorful color palette, and vibrant floral designs.

Find what you need when you need itthen go back to cultivating what matters!

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Customer Reviews

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Jen S.
Overall pretty good, but disappointed in Monthly Tabs

I was most looking forward to the monthly tabs because of the pop of color and floral pattern that they would add, but was surprised by the coloring and and disappointed with the style. The colors are a much deeper tone than the typical color palette of which the tending list/quarterly refresh tabs are made. Looking back at the website, I see the coloring is deeper, but at the time made the assumption that it was more of a photography lighting issue since everything else is consistent with the colors. I could have dealt with the color variation, but after reading in the description that they were intended for use with Power Sheets, I assumed that they would be sized to cover the existing monthly tabs...they did not. Tried to position them so they were the least awkward, but eventually peeled them off and scraped off the adhesive that was left on the tabs. Fortunately, no damage was done. The other tabs are beautiful and utilizing them actually encouraged me to revisit some of the prep work which was a huge blessing midway through the year.