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Doxology Tea Towel

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Doxology Tea Towel

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This beautiful tea towel reminds us of The Doxology:

“Praise God from whom all blessings flow.”

This 29”x28” flour-sack tea towel makes the perfect gift to give a friend or use anywhere as a shout of praise and reminder that God is the giver of all blessings. 

Special Notes:

*Due to the delicate nature of the tea towel lettering, we recommend washing gently by hand and laying flat to dry.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Bonnie V.
Great reminder

Love having this bold print towel that has me constantly glancing over the words “praise God…” and instinctually leading me into real praise and thankfulness as I work in my home. Personally I love the simple regular font which is easier to read and a classic look. The towel itself was actually better quality than I anticipated.
One note that didn’t bother me, but may be helpful to others: from photos online I thought it would be a white white towel but it’s more like a natural/off-white.

Audra B.

I love the simple font of this tea towel. Bought as a housewarming gift for a friend and I think she will love it!

Mary H.
Perfect for the kitchen

Love this towel for a daily reminder of His love!

Bethany C.
Very pretty

This towel is hanging on my oven door right now, reminding me where (Who) every blessing (whether food or toddler) comes from. :)

Amanda W.

This is so beautiful and perfect. I ordered for a friend but now really want to keep it for myself!