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His Mercies Are New Campfire Mug

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His Mercies Are New Campfire Mug

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We all love our warm, morning coffee or tea, so we created this 14 oz. speckled plum ceramic campfire mug imprinted with white ink to give you a fun vessel to hold your morning beverage with a sweet reminder, which reads:

His mercies are new every morning.”

We ensured this mug is not only beautiful but also functional as it is microwave safe.

Use this mug as a part of your daily morning routine, or get one to give to a friend!

Special Notes:

• We recommend hand washing gently, without abrasive soaps or sponges. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 151 reviews
Tough as Nails

This is my favorite mug. It’s a beautiful, deep shade of eggplant purple, it holds a ton of coffee, and it’s printed with a reminder I need EVERY MORNING — His mercies are always new. PLUS, this mug appears to be indestructible.

One day a year or so ago, I set this mug on my car, got my kids all buckled into their car seats, climbed into the driver’s seat, and backed out of my driveway… at which point my mug of coffee (which I desperately needed, obviously) skittered across the hood of my car and crashed onto the road below. I was so upset with myself for forgetting it was on my car and just knew my mistake had destroyed my favorite mug. I pulled over and hopped out to retrieve the pieces from the roadway, only there weren’t pieces — there was the mug, in tact, coffee spilled but not a scratch on it. Many months later it’s still going strong! How’s that for a mercy?

Care instructions recommend hand washing, but I have always washed in the dishwasher on the top rack and haven’t had any problems.


My Mom loved her mug. She drinks out of it everyday.

Cozy mug

Very sturdy mug--love the construction, color, and design. Got this for a gift--kind of wish I were keeping it, but I probably already have too many mugs... :-)

Leah S.

This was a perfect gift for my sister!😁 She loved it🥰

Stephanie J.
Worth the wait!

I first spotted this mug on Instagram and immediately wanted it. It was sold out for awhile and as soon as I was notified it was back in stock, I ordered right away. It is excellent quality. Very sturdy and a tad heavy, which I like because it shows it wasn’t cheaply made. I absolutely love it. Do note that the words will face the drinker because of where the handle is, and the writing is not on both sides.