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Hope in Crisis | Gospel-Centered Truth for a Sinful, Suffering World

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Hope in Crisis | Gospel-Centered Truth for a Sinful, Suffering World

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Hope in Crisis | Gospel-Centered Truth for a Sinful, Suffering World

Every day as you scroll through social media or watch the news you are confronted with the brokenness of the world: A classroom of innocent kids has been murdered, a devastating flood has displaced thousands of people, the economy is tanking and you are watching your life savings disappear, and there’s been another scandal in the church. How do we respond to these crisis situations? How should the gospel shape our understanding of a sin-affected world and inform our response to those around us?

Hope in Crisis: Gospel-Centered Truth for a Sinful, Suffering World is a FREE PDF DOWNLOAD that will:

• Help you understand God’s purposes in pain and suffering
• Give you hope when you hurting
• Equip you to respond with love and grace to those around you who are suffering
• Enable you to respond to pain and suffering in a way that glorifies God.

Articles within this resource:

• A Theology of Suffering
• Big Questions About Pain & Suffering
• The Character of God & Suffering
• War & Violence
• Hope When Storms Rage
• Economic Downturn
• Racial Division
• Evil in the Church
• Relational Suffering
• Supporting Others
• Who are Suffering
• How to Prevent Grief 
• The Resolution We Seek: A Theology of Lament

Key themes: Crisis Pain Suffering Grief Racism War Violence Natural Disasters Lament

• This is an instant PDF Download


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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Jennifer P.
Hope in Crisis | Gospel-Centered Truth for a Sinful, Suffering World

My husband, a pastor who works with the elderly in our community is using this with them for a weekly Bible study. He was so excited and is looking forward to using this study with them. Thank you for the free resources.

Savannah G.
Hope in Crisis

I think this is a great free resource provided by daily grace. I think it does an amazing job or breaking down and answering everyday questions surrounding the broken world we live in. I think it also does a great job of helping us see God in our lives even when we are going through suffering.

Shelby S.
What an encouraging journey!

This study is so vital in the times we face today. Whether it is the attack on our families, or the blatant opposition to Biblical Values in our world today; this study gives so much extra understanding of the sustenance we have in Jesus. This was so encouraging for my spiritual walk as a Wife, Mother and fellow image-bearer of God. Most days it is so easy to get caught up in the wretched and disheartening things of this fallen world, but we find Hope eternal in the promises and Word of our Abba Father.
So blessed by this study!! And the fact that this was free to me, was a gift from God in itself.
What a friend we have in Jesus!! What a sustaining Savior!!

Katie L.
God blessed

Thank you for sharing God’s goodness and grace with us every morning.

An encouraging and thoughtful resource

This is just another amazing resource from the TDG; everything is so meaningfully put together, and this is just another example of how much TDG love creating and promoting God's word. This is so encouraging especially with how our world is currently. Every topic is so relevant, and also eye-opening especially when thought about through God's eye/word. I can't wait to get my printer sorted so I can print this off to keep in times of struggle.