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New Testament Books of the Bible Cards - Kids

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New Testament Books of the Bible Cards - Kids

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This is a set of 28 cards that measure 4x6. The set includes 27 cards plus a cover card. Each book card has a key verse, the theme of the book, and a brief explanation of the book.
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Customer Reviews

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Great learning tool

I have the pleasure taking care of my grandkids this summer, these cards have been great. We do a Bible story with activities every morning and we also have begun to recite the books of the Bible. They really enjoy these cards. The cards have made learning the books of the Bible easier

Cassandra B.
New Testament Books of the Bible Cards

I have four kiddos...ages 9, 7, 5, and 3. They all LOVE the cards and I love that they can put a picture with the Book. It helps knowing what it's about and sticks in their heads to help them remember what comes next. Thanks so much!

Very well made

I’m using these cards in my 1st and 2nd grade classroom. I teach at a Christian school. I’m using the cards in one of my reading rotations giving the kids time to put them in order, read the back of the cards, and/or look up the key verses from on the card in their Bibles. I’m happy with the quality of the cards and think they will last a while with my students using them regularly.

Learning made fun!!

Loved getting these for my kiddos it’s a great addition to learning!!!

Lily C.
New Testament Books of the Bible Cards - Kids

The best! Thank you so much!