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Old Testament Books of the Bible Bookmark Set

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Old Testament Books of the Bible Bookmark Set

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The Old Testament Books of the Bible Bookmark Set contains a bookmark for every book of the Old Testament. These bookmarks contain information about each book for quick reference, including the genre, author, time period, key themes, and more.

This is a set of 2x8 bookmarks.

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Customer Reviews

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Callie J.
Bible Study

I love the New Testament and Old Testament bookmarks and I have loved everything I have bought from you and I am going to be buying more from your store. I love your store!! I love all of your faith stuff.

Rebecca J.
Awesome !!!!

These bookmarks are really beautiful. I also love how they outline each book of the old testament.

Renee E.
Love it!

I love these little reminders of each book! As your reading through you have easy quick access to reference back as needed!

Dismercy L.

I loved these bookmarks because they are not just a simple bookmark, but an import source of information about the book you are currently reading. It is awesome!

Andrea T.

These bookmarks are so helpful, the colors are subdued so they don't scream look at me, which makes them nice to us in the church, I like that there is just a little bit of info on the back of the bookmark. I got the entire set Old Testament and New Testament, so my Bible is fully outfitted.