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Welcome to week 6!

    Week 6 Checklist

  • Watch Week 6 Videos
  • Share what I learned from Week 6 in the Collective Facebook Page.
  • Read Matthew 26-Mark 2.
  • Read study commentary and answer study questions in the Behold study series (if applicable).
  • Listen to A Year in the Bible with Daily Grace, Season 3, Week 6 episodes
  • Share a photo of your Bible study routine on Instagram with #dayintheBible and tag @dailygracepodcast!

Behold Vol 1, Week 6

This week, you will finish Matthew’s gospel and move into Mark’s! Your reading this week will span from the Garden of Gethsemane to the Jesus’s crucifixion and finally, to His Great Commission. Tune into this week’s video as Kristin gets you all prepared for this week’s reading!

Behold | A Study of the New Testament Studies
Free Behold Reading Plan

A Year In The Bible with Daily Grace Podcast (Apple)

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Get ready to start the Gospel of Mark! Check out this video to see some of the key themes to look out for as you begin reading the second gospel in the New Testament.

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Did you know that the author of Mark’s Gospel is honored in history with the name, “Mark the Evangelist?” This resource, we will answer the question, “Who is Mark?” by taking a look at where Scripture references John Mark, or Mark, elsewhere in Scripture. This insight will encourage us that God uses ordinary and flawed people, just like us, to further His Kingdom.

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