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Let's Learn About the Books of the Bible

Beyond the Basics: Developing a Method for Deep Bible Study

In this workshop, we will walk through a Bible study method that is simple to learn and easily replicable in your own Bible study. This workshop will provide tips for strengthening your interpretation and application skills while seeing how all of Scripture points us to Christ.  Whether you have been reading the Bible for years or if you are still new to Bible study, you will come away from this workshop equipped with practical tips to implement in your time of Bible study.

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Evangelism Webinar

In this evangelism webinar, we'll discuss how to share the hope of Jesuswith our friends, family members, and neighbors. We'll talk through somecommon fears in evangelism and consider our motivations for sharing thegospel with others, even when we're afraid. We'll also give you practical tools to share the gospel with those in your life, including personal testimonies, finding bridges, and a brand new Daily Grace Co. tool: The Gospel Rose Diagram

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Bringing Jesus Into Your Family's Rhythms

As Christians, we love Jesus and want to obey Him. And as Christian parents, we want our kids to love and obey Jesus, too! But how do we go about this? In this webinar, we will discuss the importance of family discipleship as we look at what Scripture has to say about our role in our children’s lives. We’ll look at some of the challenges and pain points that we face as parents in implementing family discipleship into our everyday lives.

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Let's Learn Theological Terms (Coming Soon!)

Let's Learn About How to Study the Bible

Let's Learn How to Grow In Consistency

Live Workshop Replays