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0107 - Digital Bonus

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0107 - Digital Bonus

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He Leads Me
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brittney m.
Great study, beautiful cover

Loving this study. sure i’ll be blessed by it.

Digital content is a must!

I've been working through a collection of Daily Grace materials recently and I have been impressed by all of them! The digital content that comes with physical Bible studies is SO helpful, especially for someone like me who likes the videos for the weekly material and learns better by listening! The app is set up well and easy to access. And I like that I can listen to the teachings there and follow along the same general space in my physical copy. Also, having a digital checklist for the days I complete is really helpful especially because I'm very organized and have my study times scheduled on my phone anyways! And then there's the option to just grab digital content, which I like because then I can set up my journal the way I want to for a particular study and not have to worry about adding more books to my shelf lol. All in all, digital content is a must and the options DG gives us to obtain it are great (:

Love this app

The studies are great, I've been doing them with my teen daughter and it's been fun.

Very cute

From first glance they look like they are going to be interesting and helpful on keeping my mind focus and fixed on Him. Can't wait to start these.

Amanda C.

Just finished my first study, He Leads Me. Loved it and looking forward to starting the next one. As new to studying the Bible and growing in my knowledge, understanding and faith I love all the study materials I have ordered from The Daily Grace Co!!!!