Be Still Magazine | Issue 11
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Be Still Magazine®

This coffee table quality magazine is filled with articles to encourage you and point your heart to the Lord. 

The magazine is 8.5x11 and 68 pages long.

Customer Reviews

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Be Still Magazine: Issue 11

What a great magazine! Full of encouraging articles and gorgeous graphics. Love!!!

Unbelievably Breathtaking!

I had been on the fence for awhile about purchasing the magazine, due to the cost as a single mother. I finally took the leap and I have to tell you...I SOOOOO wish I would have done this all along! The content is rich and encouraging, the images are crisp and purposeful. I could sit for hours and rummage through the pages (while sniffing them too, of course)! This is a high quality and spirit-breathing magazine, and I intend to be purchasing many more issues in the near future. You NEED this to propel your faith and comfort your soul!

Always a great read

Cover to cover this magazine is full of truth. I keep a Be Still magazine out at all times! Thankful for the articles that are always pointing us to God!

Be Still Magazine

Beautiful! It will take me a few times to read and digest the articles, but it is so lovely to be able to pick up a magazine and read an article about worthy topics!

Be Still Magazine blesses

Each article is uplifting and filled with God based, solid and sound articles that not only lift but guide you through each day. I am so blessed to have tried a copy and look forward to ordering more and passing on this issue to a friend to be blessed.