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Bible Highlighting Guide

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Bible Highlighting Guide

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The Bible Highlighting Guide is a guide to using Bible highlighters to intentionally dig deeper into Scripture. The small book gives lots of tips on different ways you can highlight your Bible to help you create a system that works for you.

This book is designed to help you inductively study Scripture and make the most of your Bible study time while learning to use several different highlighting methods.

Highlighters are not included with this booklet.

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Customer Reviews

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Life Changing Bible Study Techniques

I highly recommend this resource. In the past, I only highlighted the words or phrases that I didn't know in the Bible. After I looked up words in the English dictionary, I still was confused about the meaning of certain words and phrases. I wish I had this guide when I first began to read the Word of God. Now that I use the color coding system in the Bible Highlighting Guide, it has been life-changing. I can actually see patterns and make connections between verses by looking at the colors after I have color coded the text. In addition, when I'm searching for the topics to color, I notice the details of the text that I would miss by just reading. I'm so excited because the text is now much easier for me to understand. Thank you for making this resource!

Courtney T.
Helpful Highlighting Guide

This is a great resource! I am starting my first journey through the Bible in a year and starting with this system!

Molly K.
Bible highlighting good

I loved this guide! It was very helpful!

Susan C.
A beautiful tool

What a beautiful tool to help out with my Bible studies!!! It helps me dive deeper into God’s word!!!

Regina C.
Bible Highlighting Guide 💡

This is just what I was looking for! Examples and categories for Bible highlighting!