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Emotions and the Heart | Study

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Emotions and the Heart | Study

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Emotions and the Heart | 4 Week Study

What does the Bible have to say about our emotions? This study will show you how to establish a biblical understanding of emotions and how God’s Word speaks to even the deepest emotions we experience.

Emotions of the Heart is a 4-week study that equips believers to:

  • Understand God’s good design in our emotions.
  • Recognize how our emotions are a gift from God.
  • Honor God in the way we process and express emotions.

Special resources within study:

  • Pause and Pray Prompt
  • Journaling Through Emotions
  • What is the Gospel?

Key themes: Joy, Grief, Love, Hope, Fear, Suffering


  • This study is perfect for individuals or groups. 
  • Each week contains five days of study material, including daily study questions, a weekly memory verse, and weekly reflection questions. 
  • Measures 8x10
  • Includes 116 pages 

Unlock access to the study in The Daily Grace Co. app. It contains devotional content, videos, questions, scripture passages and an engaging community of fellow believers. Learn more here!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 545 reviews
Whitney A.
So Good!

This study has transformed the way I respond to emotions. I make a choice to obey or sin during that split moment between the action and reaction. The study is beautiful and thought-provoking. I’ve already gifted it to several girlfriends.

Thoughtful and Helpful Study

I appreciated how thoroughly Biblical this study was. It was better than many talks and books I've discovered about emotions. It always forced me to ask the question: Am I feeling the way God wants me to feel about "fill in the blank?"

Alexis P.
Amazing Study!

This study really convicted me and allowed me to see what I need to work on more and how all the emotions are important and reasons why God gave them to us.

Love it!

This study is beautifully written and put together!

Would definitely recommend

I just finished this study today, in part of a project for a class at my religious university. My project has been about emotional intelligence, and I built it around wanting to do this study. 10/10 would recommend! I learned so much about how my emotions can relate to having God in my life, and why we have them. So good!