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Encouragement Sticky Notes

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Encouragement Sticky Notes

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Have you ever had an important thought that you ended up forgetting? Us too! There are millions of thoughts running through your head everyday. Sometimes you just need to write them down! That's why we created these Encouragement Sticky Notes.

We created four different categories to hold your thoughts and inspire you too: 

-The struggle is real, but so is our God

-Today matters for eternity

-Every moment for His glory

-Preach the gospel to yourself

Each category of notes has 25 sheets measuring 3”x3”. Use these sticky notes to post on your mirror as a reminder for yourself, or share with a friend. The opportunities, evangelism, and encouragement ideas are endless!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Natalie H.
Perfect amount of stickiness

These sticky notes are just right. They are neutral enough to read my writing, very nice quality paper, and just the right amount of stickiness. I hate it when sticky notes fall off of whatever you stick them to or are so sticky you can't peel them. These are perfect. I keep them right on my bible study desk and use them all the time.

Lindsay A.
Words you want hanging around

This sticky notes are sticky enough for all my usual purposes, are not too dark but not neon colors, and best of all have the kind of words and reminders you want hanging around your house, desk, papers, planner, and purse. Plus when I’m giving someone something with a sticky note attached, now it can be a gospel talking point.

Tracy E.
Encouragement sticky notes

I love these! I use them myself and I bought extras to give out for gifts! I am planning to write little messages on them and stick them in places out in the community!

Brooklynn F.
Sticky notes

I have placed these all around my dorm room. They have been a great encouragement!

Kaila E.

LOVE these highlighters so much!!