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The Fruit of the Spirit Study
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The Fruit of The Spirit - Walk In The Spirit. Bear His Fruit.

The Fruit of the Spirit study is a three week study that walks slowly through Galatians 5:16-26. It looks at each aspect of the fruit of the spirit listed in the passage with special attention to how this fruit points us to Jesus as our example, the richness of the Greek words used in the passage, and practical application for our everyday lives.

The study book is beautiful and filled with fun extras to help you understand the passage more!

Perfect for individuals or groups.



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The fruit of the Spirit

It’s beautiful and so well presented I am so happy I order it.

So Awesome!

Galatians is one of my favorite books of the bible so this study was perfect for me. I have always struggled remembering the fruits of the spirit but not anymore!

What a great resource

I'm excited to dig in!

Inventory on our fruit...

Im sure we can all have the fruit of the spirit memorized, but to really go in depth in scripture has opened my eyes to a greater measure of truly living and producing those fruits daily. As my husband says, "when your tree is shook, what fruit falls off?" Pruning is painful but so good for our growth with the Lord and those we surround ourselves with.

So enriching!

I love this study. It does it verse by verse and asks such deepening questions. it really gets you thinking about the Holy Spirit in your life. I recommend this to anyone- even if you’ve studied or read through the fruits many times before, as I have!😊