He Leads Me - A Study of Psalm 23
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He Leads Me is a two-week  in depth study of Psalm 23. It goes through this iconic Psalm phrase by phrase and digs into the beautiful meaning and comfort found in these timeless words. This study is for every person who needs to be reminded of God's presence in their lives. For every person that needs to be reminded of His gentle care. For every person craving the rest that only He can give. For every person longing to be refreshed by God's Word. For every person that needs to know that He is with them in the waiting. For every person that needs to be reminded that He is good and His plans are best. 

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Awesome study

After this study I will never look at this psalm the same again. It is no longer a commonly repeated passage in times of worry and trouble. It is a true testament to the love God has for us and our blessing of being in his care. This was my first study from this company and I already ordered another after finishing this one

Psalm 23 Study

Amazing study, enjoying already!

He Leads Me

I love this devotional. It breaks down Psalm 23 verse by verse and I love studying the Bible verse by verse. It’s easy to go through, with great follow up/application questions. I recommend it.

For the price, not much to it

I actually went to the site to try and return it because I was disappointed in it but then learned I can’t return it. That is my fault for not looking up the return policy before ordering. I love the material in it but I think for how much I paid for it, there should be more. Mostly blank pages for notes. Maybe the beautiful pictures is the reason for the cost. The book itself seems sturdy and the pictures are beautiful. I just will most likely buy a bible study somewhere else from now on because I can’t afford to pay $16 for what is covered in the book itself.

The gospel conversation starts for kids

Love the conversation cards for kids! My son really enjoys using the scripture as a memory verse. I really enjoy the prompts and being able to have a intentional conversation with my 4yr old about the gospel! And how to live it out!