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He Leads Me - Study of Psalm 23
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He Leads Me is a short, but in depth study of Psalm 23. It goes through this iconic Psalm phrase by phrase and digs into the beautiful meaning and comfort found in these timeless words. This study is for every person who needs to be reminded of God's presence in their lives. For every person that needs to be reminded of His gentle care. For every person craving the rest that only He can give. For every person longing to be refreshed by God's Word. For every person that needs to know that He is with them in the waiting. For every person that needs to be reminded that He is good and His plans are best. 

The study contains an introduction to the Psalm as well as 8 days of study through the book of Psalm 23. It also includes instructions for digging deeper and taking the study a bit slower. 

Customer Reviews

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He Leads Me Study

The study was easy to follow and understand. They are great for sharing with others and meditating on God’s Word. I really enjoyed it and the beautiful pictures inside.

He Leads Me

I have always enjoyed this Psalm but had never done a study on it. This study was so good as I thought about the deep meaning of each verse. I especially liked the thought of “only the shadow of death remains and we don’t need to be afraid of a shadow.” He is the Good Shepherd and I am so thankful for His leading. Thank you so much for this study!

Study of Psalm 23

I really enjoyed this study! This psalm has been an exceptionally powerful one for me this past year, and this study helped me to glean new insights and comfort from a psalm that can perhaps become too familiar for us because it's so well-known. Thankful for The Daily Grace Co. and the excellence and faithfulness they put into their studies!

He Leads Me

He Leads Me study has been refreshing in so many ways. It has brought me peace and contentment knowing He leads me every step I take. Even through the valley ... Although my enemy is always near -He faithfully and continually prepares a table in the presence of my enemies and nourishes me with His Word and presence. His mercy and goodness has surely followed me all the days of my life. Thank you for this well spring - I cannot wait to study Joy in Christ!!