He Restores My Soul Ceramic Travel Mug
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$ 24.00


This is a ceramic travel mug with a plastic lid.

Mug is microwave and dishwasher safe. Due to the delicate nature of the imprint we recommend either washing in the dishwasher on the top rack with a gentle cleanser. Or hand washing gently clean without abrasive soaps or sponges.


Customer Reviews

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Different & So Cute!

I love that I can easily use it with or without the lid. The handle shape is super great, and I love that it fits in my Keurig. Perfect mug for at home, or one the go!

Great work cup

I'm happy to report it doesn't spill. It's ceramic so it doesn't keep coffee/tea hot for hours but it kept mine warm for about 2! I love having it on my desk at work as a reminder too. Great conversation started when customers sit down!

Travel Mug

Love this mug! It fits perfectly in my car cup holder and makes it easy to drink my coffee on the go! And the message is amazing, love seeing it every time I pick it up to take a sip!!

Nice mug

I was worried about the oddly placed and shaped handle but I actually really like it! Makes it easy to grip the mug. The top fits well (no leaking!) and of course, the message is perfect. ♥

Product and service A+++

I LOVE this travel mug!! And I love all of your studies! I just keep coming back for more of your products! I am so thankful that you provide such beautiful studies that are easy to comprehend! I have been a little afraid to study the Bible because I never know where to start but you guys have helped me overcome this fear by providing such clear and simple studies! Thank you for all your hard work at the daily grace co.!!!