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How To Study The Bible
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This booklet contains several chapters dealing with how to study Scripture. In it I discuss my story, how I study, principles for study including: context, interpretation, and the objective of studying Scripture. Many other topics are addressed such as how to make time to spend in Scripture and how to get through dry seasons. 

This is meant to be a quick read full of practical tips and principles that you can keep going back to as you continue to study Scripture. 

The book is 8.5"x5.5"
The book is full color and perfect bound. 

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This is a great book for those that have studied Scripture all their life, or for those that are brand new to the Bible. It is a great book to use at the start of a group Bible study to equip participants with a easy to understand way of studying Scripture.

This book is an update of our original How To Study the Bible. The book contains the same chapters but has been updated with full color passages of Scripture and a new cover. 

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