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Hymns & Florals Magnetic Bookmark Set

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Hymns & Florals Magnetic Bookmark Set

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Read, study, and plan with this Hymns & Florals Magnetic Bookmark Set

With these four magnets, you are able to clip a bookmark over your page so that you never lose your place again!

Made using high quality magnetic material, these bookmarks are sturdy enough to stay in place without ruining any of your pages.

Four beautiful designs are included with chic lettering and script font. The bookmarks are great tools for your quiet time or a fun, encouraging gift to give a friend!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 103 reviews
Anna P.
Strong Bookmarks

My cat ate the ribbon out of my Bible and while I enjoy using photos as bookmarks, they always fall out and get in the way. These magnetic bookmarks are perfect. They’re strong and small enough to not get in the way. I plan on using these both in my Bible and my notebooks.

Emily R.
Very pretty

I love the look of these bookmarks, and especially the quote on each one. They work great too.

Lauren I.
Love these bookmarks!

I love these bookmarks! Ordered my first set awhile ago and just ordered more for myself and for Christmas gifts. They especially work well for spiral-bound books and journals where regular bookmarks tend to fall out. Problem solved! And so cute!

Maggie E.

I love these bookmarks so much that I just placed an order to get more! I love that they mark the pages without being a piece of paper to get in the way!

Lydia B.
Beautiful and Fun

These bookmarks are absolutely beautiful. The gorgeous colors and print stand out and serve as a lovely reminder. The magnets are strong large enough that they will not fall out of any book. The paper is somewhat thin, and I worry about the magnet tearing where it bends. But they are beautiful and useful for any of your books!