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In Everything Journal - Men

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In Everything Journal - Men

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The In Everything Journal is designed to help you pray intentionally.

The prayer request pages are simple and sleek, but help you go deeper in your prayer time. This journal provides more than just a list. Each prayer request section has space for you to record the date, request, notes, Scripture passages to pray related to the request, space to write down what God is teaching you, and also a place to record answers to that prayer.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Jewell S.
Pick it up, ladies,too!

Unlike some of the studies that are truly gender-specific (with specific advice), this one is purely aesthetic. Pick it up if you prefer the beige.

Kyra P.
Christmas Gift!

I purchased this as a Christmas gift for my Dad and he loves it! My dad is a pastor, so I knew this would be a great tool for him to keep track of prayer requests specifically for the members of our congregation.

Christina A.
Christmas gift!

Bought this as a Christmas gift for my husband! Looking forward to giving it to him!

Natalia P.
Daily Grace Prayer Request

Very nice

Jerri W.
Exactly what I was looking for!

Enriched my prayer life. A place where I put all my prayers I have for myself and others.

It allows me to check in on people and see how they’re doing. I interceded for many friends and family because it’s very easy to forget to pray over your situations. This way someone is always petitioning to the father for them (of course other than Jesus!)

I have a dedicated time and space. It keeps me in prayer longer and remembering verses I pray over. Great way to commune with God. He pops verses in my head. I can see the promises he has made to us. Some I didn’t even remember or know and see how he’s blessing me and others in my life!

Also I no longer have to scroll through my phone, thank God! It always distracted me and I would forget to pray or why I was in my notes because I have other memos in there that make me think about other things. Thank God!