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In the Word | A Journal for Deeper Bible Study

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In the Word | A Journal for Deeper Bible Study

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In the Word is a Biblical exposition journal for in-depth Bible study.

The journal guides you through a verse by verse study of a book of the 
Bible with daily workbook pages. The journal provides prompts to help you understand, interpret, and apply the text; as well as see the connections to Jesus and the gospel.
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Customer Reviews

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Great Tool, but Not My Favorite

I love that it's spiral bound. Okay, on to the things that matter. It asks the same questions day after day, which is different from previous studies. The only thing is that I don't love the questions. I understand the purpose and that they are trying to get you to look for context in passages and know the history behind it. It's just not my favorite way to study the Scripture. I do like the boxy layout of the pages.

Tonya J.C.
Could Not Like This More!

The best journal for studying scripture. Excellent layout. It is so nice that you can use your own scripture references - works with whatever you are reading at any time. The questions/tools lend to thoughtful study. Appreciate how this journal takes you deeper into the Word.

Marissa W.
Deeper Bible Study

The perfect size notebook! I can’t wait to dive into a deeper study throughout my Bible!

Sarah S.
So Helpful!

Love how easy and accessible this journal is to help me dive deeper! The spiral bound is really helpful and I have already gotten great use out of it.

Alyssa M.

Through this book, I have been able to find a good way to study the Bible. It gives a lot of insight and makes you look into the background of the passage.