Romans Volume 1 Teaching Videos
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This is a set of nine weekly teaching videos that are approximately 30 minutes in length. These videos are designed to be viewed individually or in a group setting. They are perfect for group Bible studies or as a way to go deeper into the material individually.

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The Romans study was written by Kristin Schmucker and the videos are taught by Joanna Kimbrel.

Customer Reviews

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Roman teaching video

It was a smart purchase, with the Roman bible study.

Phenomenal & Beautiful!

These studies are so beautifully done and full of rich content. The images are crisp and appealing, and the material really helps you to open your Bible and dig deeper. I love this series!

Thorough picture of Romans

A great thorough study on the first part of Romans - 1-8. Romans 8 memory plan. Gospel presented with clarity. Paul would be proud.

Full of Information

I was hesitant at first to spend the money on the videos since there is already a few minutes of teaching on the app. When these went on sale I decided to take the plunge and buy them. I am so glad I did. I have just finished Week 2 and I have learned so much more than the app videos, that I have filled up the pages of my bible in Romans 1-2 writing the notes. Joanna is a phenomenal teacher. My mind doesn't wander with her, which can sometimes happen with me, and she comes across like a friend teaching you something important, which this study is. I am actually to the point of getting excited to finish reading and studying each week, so I can find out what I missed and learn with Joanna's teaching. I am hoping that when new bible studies come out that the Teaching Videos may go on sale because they are worth purchasing.