Romans Volume 2 - His and Hers Bundle
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This bundle includes 1 men's study book and 1 women's study book.

Romans | The Gospel-Centered Life (Romans 8-16)

This in-depth study of Romans 8-16 continues the journey through the transformative book of Romans. The study focuses on the what it looks like to live as a follower of Jesus that has been saved by the gospel of graceto live the gospel-centered life. The study is full of life-changing truth about our sovereign God that compels our hearts to worship.

This is the second of a two-part series on the book of Romans.

The Romans study book is 8x10 and 208 pages long.

The book contains the daily study material as well as study suggestions and extra features like timelines, maps, word studies, and charts to help you dig deeper.

Each week contains 5 days of study material, including daily study questions. Each week also has a memory verse day and a weekly reflection day to help dig deeper into Scripture.

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Customer Friendly and Prompt

It was easy to access the web site and locate the Book I needed for a Small Group Study. My order came in just a couple of days in time for my study group. Overall excellent experience!


So good!

Great to study romans!

I’m not a huge devotional type gal but I went through the first half of this study with my sisters; it was really encouraging and I’m pumped to do this next vol.
The service from Daily Grace Co has been so easy and prompt! Also, I really enjoy having the app version as well. Thank you for share your art with the world in this way!


I haven't started this study yet but can't wait to begin. I recently got introduced to the daily grace studies and have done a couple and have loved them. The are always beautifully made and always encourage me to do my bible time for the day!


Romans is one of my favorite books in the Bible. I can’t wait to dig even deeper into the book.