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In the Word - a Biblical exposition journal for in-depth Bible study. The Journal guides you through a verse by verse study of a book of the Bible with daily workbook pages. The journal provides prompts to help you understand, interpret, and apply the text, as well as see the connections to Jesus and the gospel.

Search the Word - a six-week study and workbook that takes an in-depth look at how to study the Bible. This study is full of instruction, examples, and hands-on workbook pages to help you develop skills like understanding the context of a passage of Scripture, annotating the text, interpreting and applying the Bible to your life, and seeing Christ in all of Scripture. The Bible is the Word of God that He has given us to know and love Him as we grow in godliness, and Search the Word helps give you the tools and confidence to approach Scripture rightly.

Book by Book - a Bible study companion intended to be used when studying a complete book of the Bible. It provides space to fill in background information before you study; key themes, book structure, and Scripture to pray during your reading; and reflection for after your study.

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    My entire faith has been shifted and advanced by The Daily Grace Co. I wake up each morning with a newfound excitement and hope to get into God's Word and have my affection more deeply stirred for Him. My eyes have been opened anew to the truth and remarkable grace which exists in the Bible. I am so grateful that these products exist.

    Maeve M.

    The Daily Grace Co. has equipped me to be a better has made me a strong believer in the importance of women knowing good theology! The Daily Grace Co. has transformed my life and walk with Christ.

    Kara A.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 137 reviews
    Tia D.
    So beautiful and thought provoking.

    I’m so excited to get into this study. Just looking through it has made me excited to go in depth on the scripture.

    Monica S.

    The content is great and helps you get deeper into the word.

    Search the Word

    This is a new way of studying God's Word for me and I haven't been able to start it yet but am excited to really dig in. This got to me pretty quickly, like I said haven't started yet but flipped through them and can't wait to dig in.

    Melody M.
    Thoroughly Wonderful

    Thank you so much for creating the Search the Word collection. I am finding it to be so helpful! The workbooks are very practical, and the explanations of how to study scripture are excellent teaching tools. Definitely recommend these resources!

    Angela S.
    Search the Word Collection

    I only recently received my order, so I have not yet actually started using any of these books. However, I will share my initial thoughts about them!

    While these could potentially be used side-by-side, they would also work as stand-alone Bible study resources, for while Search the Word is a guided 6-week study stepping you through the process of studying the Bible, Book by Book guides you through an in-depth study of a book of the Bible, and In the Word provides a structured journal for putting into practice the principles learned in Search the Word. So while it is helpful to have all three of them together, it is not necessary to have all three books in order to work through the Search the Word study or incorporate Book by Book or In the Word into your study of the Word. If you already have a strong foundation on how to study the Bible, you could potentially use Book by Book or In the Word without having gone through the 6-week study. However, if you are not familiar with how to study the Bible or need to strengthen your understanding of how to do it, I would suggest you start with Search the Word, and then move onto the other two books!

    As far as the specific books go, here are a few more thoughts:
    1. Search the Word: This looks like a very thorough study on how to study the Bible! I love how it is broken down into such do-able daily sections, with a great balance between instruction and practical exercises. Over the years, I have worked through several different "How to study the Bible" studies, but this is still an area that I struggle with being confident in, so I am excited to dig into this study!

    2. In the Word: I originally thought this book was a side-by-side workbook for going through Search the Word, but it isn't. Rather, it is what you could describe as a Bible-study journal that helps guide you through the study process of any passage, whether or not you're actually working through Search the Word.

    3. Book by Book: This little book is focused on studying a book of the Bible as a whole. I have often tried to tackle studying an entire book of the Bible by myself, but I often get stuck somewhere in the middle and never feel like I have actually finished it. Book by Book steps you through making initial observations such as background information and purpose of the book, to noting themes, to outlining the book, to identifying Christ and the Gospel, to application. I am excited to begin using this book!

    Finally, one very practical note: I was very happy to discover that the paper inside each book is of regular quality and not semi-glossy like a previous study that I had bought from Daily Grace (the semi-glossy quality of the previous study is terrible for writing on, both with pen or pencil.)