Season of Hope | Family Advent 2018
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Seasons of Hope is a family or kids Advent study. It includes 25 days of short Bible passages that are printed in the book and a short devotional that focusses on the character of God and the coming of Jesus. It is perfect for bedtime, reading over dinner, etc. and is designed to be a short but meaningful Advent activity.

Growing up, my grandmother had an mini advent Christmas tree. Each year I was eager to hang up a small, plastic ornament as each day passed and Christmas quickly approached. At The Daily Grace Co., we wanted to provide a similar experience for parents and their children. However, we wanted the focus to be the imperishable Word of God rather than plastic ornaments. Season of Hope is a 25 day family advent devotional. From December 1st, all the way through Christmas day there will be a devotional to point you and your family to the hope that we find in Christ. The study is broken up into three parts: Hope is coming, Hope is Here, and Hope is With us.

Hope is coming

The section guides you and your children through some of the prophecies that foretold the birth of Jesus, and also helps to garner an understanding that Jesus Christ was the fulfilment of God’s promises to heal and give hope to broken people

Hope is Here

These passages focus on the nativity. Here there is an emphasis placed on the ways in which Christ did fulfil the prophecies of the Old Testament as well a an understanding of the events that took place surrounding the birth of Christ.

Hope is with us

These passages focus on who Christ told us He is. We learn what Jesus revealed to us about who is He and what He has done, is doing, and will do as our sustainer in life.


Advent ornaments are not included, but may be purchased separately.

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Beautiful Advent

I'm thrilled to share this season of advent with my family and use the Family Advent study together as we prepare our hearts and minds for Christmas day.


Like all the books that I received ,this is excellent too. Helpful information, good study book.

Excited for Christmas!

I can't review it yet b/c I haven't done the study but I look forward to doing it with my family!


This devotional was exactly what I was wanting! I am getting married this year and cannot wait to make this advent devotional a tradition for my new family! Beautiful and arrived very quickly!

Family Time

As a family with a new baby, I look forward to start his Christmas traditions with God at the center. I love the brightly filled pages, and cannot wait to dive in and continue to make God the center of everything we do.