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Story of Redemption - Bundle
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This bundle includes the complete set of The Story of Redemption. Each day covers 3 chapters which would lead you to studying the entire Bible in one year.

From Genesis to Revelation the Bible tells us the story of redemption. It reminds us of who we are, and teaches us of the God who has pursued us from the beginning of time. Despite all the times we have failed...He has remained Faithful. In the first pages of Genesis we see the promise of the Redeemer that would come and make everything right. His name is Jesus, and He changes everything. We learn about Him throughout the entire Old Testament and then in the New Testament, He bursts on to the scene, and we are overwhelmed with who He is. The Bible is the story of our redemption. 
I am so excited to share this project that I have been working on. The Story of Redemption is a devotional that walks through the entire Bible, chapter by chapter. It is for anyone that has ever wanted to read the entire Bible. For everyone that has started to read through the Bible and felt overwhelmed. It is for anyone that wants to understand the full story of Scripture, and see Jesus on every page. 
This is a story unlike any other. This is the story of Jesus. This is the story of redemption. 

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Love all the amazing items. As always!

Lovely, but...

This is visually a lovely study, but, the books only give a brief overview of the Bible. I was unaware of the need to download the "Study Guide" portion, which is 100+ pages for each book. While the questions in the Study Guide do make you think and are great, I'd really prefer everything in one larger, spiral bound book.


This is a beautiful study to help you learn the Bible with a few minutes a day!

Such a beautiful story!

The Story of Redemption bundle is a wonderful overview of the entire Bible. I have been saved for over 40 years and I have enjoyed reading through it. I plan on passing it on to a friend who is newer in her relationship with the Lord and is just starting her journey of faith! What a beautiful gift to pass on!! I highly recommend it!

The Story of Redemption/Volume 4

Since it is volume 4 I have not worked my way through the study yet, however looking through the book and the other 3i in the series, they are very unique in that there are larger chunks of scripture to read with an accompanying description and exposition on the chapters read. Very cool.