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The Story of the Bible from A to Z - Kids & Family Devotional

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The Story of the Bible from A to Z - Kids & Family Devotional

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This devotional traces the story of the Bible for kids and families. It shows how every part of the Bible's story points to Jesus! Using vivid and colorful illustrations and letters of the alphabet, the devotional teaches children the story of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Written in a relatable and story-like fashion, this devotional is designed to be flexible to be used with families and children of a variety of ages. The book includes prayers and discussion questions. Older kids can write down answers and younger kids can discuss the answers.

The book is 8x10.

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Customer Reviews

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A to Z kids devotional

It takes the complicated language of the Bible and translates it to linguistics understood by kids- and keeps the integrity of the Word of God.

Tifanni G.
Story of the Bible A to Z

I have read through the first few study’s of this devotional since it will be apart of our morning devotion routine! The study’s are short and sweet so even toddlers can easily understand. I am so excited to read and discuss it with my children!

Ane H.
The Story of the Bible

This is the best resource to get back at reading the Bible and talking to the kids about it! Thank you for making this book affordable! It’s so beautiful!

Great family devotional!

We got this to use as a wide-age-range devotional for our four children; ages 3, 4, 8 and 9. It’s so great! It’s easy to explain to all of them and triggers curiosity in them - but my older ones are also interested and I don’t think they see it as too “baby-ish”. It’s very informative and descriptive, plus the “A-Z” theme makes it easy to also incorporate other things into for homeschooling. Great family devotional!

Great Family Time!

We will be using this study in our homeschool to start our mornings off and we are so excited! The pictures are (as always) beautiful and the writing is well done. My girls are very excited to start it!